[thelist] little javascript help requested.

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Sun Apr 15 21:41:48 CDT 2001

> > 1. write to a flat text file (our "database")
> > 2. write the central html page
> > 3. write a scaled down html page to be inserted via SSI elsewhere in the
> > site
> > 4. write an xml page
> > 5. write a RSS page
> > and now I guess I have to add
> > 6. write a .js page to be inserted by outside sites.
> >
> > There *has* to be an easier way...
> XML and XSLT!!!
> Write stylesheets to make each of those versions.
> Some possible places to start:
<snip suggestions>

Yes, we already generate an XML page, *and* an RSS one.
And to do it all the "right way" is already planned. In the meantime, I
gotta patch this stuff. :(

I'll have a look at your links though, because I'm looking for a solution
that would be perl-based for now. My main thing is how to generate a STATIC
html page from an XML/XSL pair. I can do it on NT, but I have no clue on a
*nix server.. If I could find that, then yeah, I'll do it that way right
away :)


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