[thelist] Message Board Suggestions.. (premade) CGI, Perl, Python, ASP (again)

Charles Wilson (h) me at charlesw.com
Sun Apr 15 22:12:13 CDT 2001

Sorry, hit CNTRL + Enter too before I was finished.
I apologize.

I have a friend who has CGI, Perl, Python and ASP enabled on her webserver.
I have PHP4 on my servers. I can make a wonderful indepth Coldfusion forum
and host it on my server, but I really don't have the time.

It will have about 100 posters, at low traffic. She doesen't have a
database, and I am looking into accessing databases on other servers.
http://www.ub2k.com Looks pretty good, i have used it some- and it is PHP
based, so it should be really quick to implement.

I'd like to know your opinions on different Message Boards out there.
Searching for different scripts led me here:

Thank you
Charles Wilson

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