[thelist] large numbers of secure directories and client uploads: the best option?

Tony Page zamba at zamba.com
Sun Apr 15 23:10:28 CDT 2001

G'day from Sydney,
I've a surgeon client who wants to put up a section on his site where
referring doctors can consult reports on their patients' progress, and
insurers can do similar. Obviously patient confidentiality is important,
doctors only get to see their own patients' records. So far no big deal. But
the numbers involved would be several hundred individual doctors, and my
client wants his non-technical staff to be able to upload the relevant files
themselves (probably a hundred or so a month, maybe less). Currently his
site is on an NT server, but I was considering switching it to unix as at
the moment I have to request permissions alteration from the sysop which is
a pain.
I was thinking of setting up individual directories for the doctors with
htaccess, and maybe using a proprietary program to allow
upload/download(deletion). Anybody done this kind of thing before, or who
has any better suggestions?
This is not a high budget client!
Tony Page

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