[thelist] Message Board Suggestions.. (premade) CGI, Perl, Python, ASP (again)

Charles Wilson (h) me at charlesw.com
Sun Apr 15 23:28:48 CDT 2001

wow, this really looks detailed- not thrown together.

Thanks a ton for the link!

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From: "Tony Page" <zamba at zamba.com>
> > It will have about 100 posters, at low traffic. She doesen't have a
> > database, and I am looking into accessing databases on other servers.
> > http://www.ub2k.com Looks pretty good, i have used it some- and it is PHP
> > based, so it should be really quick to implement.
> > <snip>
> Charles,
> Check out Anyboard from netbula.com (it's Perl). Maybe a bit OTT for your
> friend, but very configurable, inbuilt chat, membership, auto mail of
> password, etc. even on the free version. Interesting data structure, too.
> I've used it a few of times, both free and licensed, and once you get the
> hang of the admin you can do virtually anything with it and it's got a hell
> of a lot of features. Drawback: they're more into programming etc than
> service! Otherwise, YABB for free on Unix or SNITZ (mentioned before I
> think) on NT. Both of these have a live community taking an interest in mods
> and programming.
> Regards,
> Tony Page

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