[thelist] Cold Fusion question: URL with ? to search engine friendly URL

Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns skaiser at skdesigns.com
Mon Apr 16 20:19:01 CDT 2001


I'm not a Cold Fusion user, but I'm researching how to convert dynamic URLs 
with the ? in them to a search engine friendly URL for a tutorial I wrote 
that's published online (got a dead link report) about designing search 
engine friendly sites. (By the way, I have URLs for ASP and others, too -- 
just the Cold Fusion link died.)

I had a good source at Allaire's Cold Fusion forums, but the URL is now 
gone. So I'm looking for a replacement.

In my search I found this newer note at Allaire's forums, and I wonder if 
those of you who know Cold Fusion have tried these suggestions copy/pasted 
below or if you have a good recommendation on how to convert the ? in the 
URLs to a search engine friendly URL with Cold Fusion. It's critical, of 
course, that I provide reliable information in the tutorial.

Here's the new thread at Allaire's forums 
with the custom tag recommendation:

Tuesday, March 20, 2001 3:45 AM

'CF_FORMURL2ATTRIBUTES' is a tried and tested custom tag that provides, 
amongst other things, the ability to use '/' delimited variables in your 
URLs (rather than ?/& delimited). You can download it for free from:


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated, and if you have a better alternative 
I'll also be happy to credit you with that including a link to your site, 
etc. and be forever grateful.

Thank you!


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