[thelist] What's the max size of a table that browsers can handle?

Scott King scottk at breastcenter.tmc.edu
Wed Apr 18 10:45:02 CDT 2001

I have a researcher that wants to put a list of genes on our intranet as a
single page. The problem is that the list is ~10,000 lines, each 4 cells
wide. The file is text only and weighs in at a whopping 4.5 MB. Netscape
just sits there thinking but IE seems to work after a little wait.

Is there any info on what browsers can handle and why. I need a little
backup info when I tell her that she needs to break her list in to pieces.

I think there was a thread on this topic a while ago but I can't seen to
find in in the archives, sorry.

Scott King

713.798.1639                              scottk at breastcenter.tmc.edu
Web Production Specialist, Breast Center @ Baylor College of Medicine

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