[thelist] CF: Style sheets fail with cfincludes?

Joshua Olson joshua at alphashop.net
Fri Apr 20 02:49:19 CDT 2001

Hmmmm... the only thing I can think of is an issue with hashes and
variables.  Is it possible that some blocks of cfml/html used in the
template (that do not seem to get the styles) are not wrapped in <cfoutput>
when they needs to be?  For example,

<td class="#myclass#"> ... <td>

where myclass is a variable that contains the class name to apply to the td.

That block would not appear correct on the browser unless the CFML
<cfoutput> was wrapped around it, like such:

<td class="#myclass#"> ... <td>

So, is it possible that somewhere hiding in the code is a misstep like this?
It'll be real apparent if you view the page source on the browser.

Also, have you tried saving the page source to the local disk and then just
read it from your own hd, already rendered.  If it still fails to look
correct, then something is 1) wrong with the browser, or 2) something is
wrong with the HTML.  Try it on a few machines after you save the rendered
page.  If it doesn't work on any of them, the code is to blame.



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