[thelist] how did they hack my guestbook and who can I report them too.

Darrell King darrell at webctr.com
Fri Apr 20 05:40:22 CDT 2001

Since the guestbook is centrally hosted, you probably couldn't add
anything of worth.  There's always JavaScript, of course, but
chances are the hacker would know how to disable it.  If you could
write Perl or PHP, you could filter the submission, but then you'd
probably be using an onsite guestbook any, and the issue would not
be an issue...:).

The various server-side scripting languages all have text
pattern-matching capabilities and any could solve your problem in
several ways, but I'm afraid that means either you begin
programming or bring someone in...:).  Sorry....in your case, it
might be more efficient to pursue having the guestbook provider
add filters.


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Darrell wrote:

> If on your site, you will need to add security-related code
yourself [to
your guestbook].

Which security-related code would you suggest as the best to add?
I'm not
experienced in Perl, etc., so what code could I could add without

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