[thelist] forms for NT

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 21 17:48:54 CDT 2001

Anthony is suggesting you write to an Access file... you can also 
write the information to a flat file (delimited text file)... or you can 
ignore it and just send it as email only, but then you have no 

but the real question is about sending it via email, and you have 
ASPMail installed, so it's easy as pie... what you need is access 
to an SMTP server - whatever server they use to send their email, 
or more accurately, whatever mail server the web server can to...

but first things first, gather all the info and write it into a string... so, 
you might get all the fields and put 'em together like so:

strMailBody = request("FirstName") & " "
strMailBody = strMailBody & request("LastName") & vbcrlf
strMailBody = strMailBody & "...thanks"

which comes out as:
FirstName LastName

during development, write that string to screen (like <pre><% = 
strMailBody %></pre>) so you can test it...

now, just go through the documentation for ASPMail and plug in 
the string, and you should be set...

> From: Peter Kaulback <pkaulbak at idirect.ca>
> :) The server is IIS on NT4 and they need the contents of the form to
> be sent to the admin either by email or if there is other options
> they'll examine those.  Would they require the person who completes
> the form to supply their email as well if it is to be sent via email? 
> As an aside I believe they have ASPmail installed on the server from
> their old developers.  All input will be very helpful. Peter Kaulback

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