[thelist] Re: image slicing - not for the timid

Matt Wenham matt at mattwenham.co.uk
Mon Apr 23 12:57:42 CDT 2001

> This brings up an interesting point which I have been thinking about
> for a while. I regularly hear people (on this list and elsewhere) 
> mention how they create the mock-up for a new design in Photoshop, 
> then slice it up to convert it into HTML.

> Personally, I have never worked that way.

My take on this would be that it's all well and good doing a mock-up in
Photoshop (or whatever) *if* the person doing the design has at least
half an eye on how the design will translate into HTML. If this isn't
done, then you can easily end up with a PITA as has happened here.

Personally, I tend to start with a halfway-house package such as
Fireworks, and then tweak the HTML by hand.


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