OT: Florida [thelist] members

Mon Apr 23 13:35:47 CDT 2001

I'm a web developer in south Florida (Boca Raton area) and was wondering if
there are any others out there...  groups in the area for web development,
When doing a SQL query (ODBC, for example) to bring data out of a backend
database, do not put calculations into the code that grabs the data.  Just grab
the data.  Do whatever needs to be done to represent the data at the time of
presentation.  In looking through some old code (LotusScript == VBScript + APIs)
at my new job, I found code that had actual Dollar amounts hard-coded in that
multiplied times another value (data).  This means that every time that dollar
amount needs to be changed, it has to go back to development.  Bad... bachomp...
bachooee chomp.

-Ron S.

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