[thelist] Re: image slicing - not for the timid

Kristina Floyd kristina at kfx-design.co.uk
Tue Apr 24 03:44:57 CDT 2001

SC> Am I the only one who works in this way?

nope - I work exactly the same way - a heap of scribbled notes and
lots of moving code around!  ;o)

works for me

we had a client (who was supposed to be doing a site for their
client) they planned the site using an image created more
for print than a screen (or so it seemed to me anyway) - and when it
came to creating it as a website, they couldn't
do it so they enlisted us to do it for them - we did do it for them.
but, to my mind it wasn't the most efficient way of going about it.

(i'll stick to my pencil, paper and pc-notepad)


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