[thelist] OT: Job Market

Michael Buffington mike at price.com
Wed Apr 25 15:52:12 CDT 2001

>Hmmm... where are you hearing these things? I haven't been hearing that...

Actually, I should know better, but the media seems to be saying "things
look bad, but they're really not".

>What I keep hearing is that I'm one of those people who were riding this
>ridiculous dot-com wave in the search of easy money and that I deserve
>what I get. All I wanted was a good job. [Not that I'm bitter, oh no.]

I started one of this dot-com companies during the frenzy, and fortunately
wasn't in search of easy money (nor did I make easy money).  

When talking to people outside of the tech sector, I make it a point to not
talk too much about the dot-com business. It sounds crazy but dot-commers
went from being respected (certainly not despised) to the full on enemy
almost as fast as they came into existance, and people are quick to blame
their losts investments and bad economy on us.  I'm not an economist, so I
don't know either way if dot-commers had anything to do with the lurch, but
it's certainly not an irrational reaction.

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