[thelist] Access, Jet, ODBC and DSNLess connections

Phil Constant pbcons at sail45design.com
Wed Apr 25 19:36:33 CDT 2001

>As a short term fix you can dumb down the Access2000 to Access97 from 
>within Access2000, but you probably already knew that.
>Anthony Baratta

Anthony, or anyone,  can you "smart-up" Access 2000 or 97 to XP? After 
designing a database in XP I came to realize that it won't open in 2000 or 
97. Will new drivers work right in 2000 or 97? I'm on a network for 2000 & 
97, standalone for XP,  and don't wish to screw things up. Not much info on 
XP backwards compatibility as MS. Nor, as an aside, with Visio files from 
2000 back to 4.0, which I learned the hard way today!


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