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Wed Apr 25 22:33:48 CDT 2001


I see from your resume that you're in California.

According to an article I read yesterday (threw it out, but I think it was
in Internet World), that's one of the worst places to be as far as jobs
these days.

They stated that there's an over-abundance of talent there (and in New
York), and that companies are moving away from the large cities, and
California entirely, because the overheads and costs of doing business are
so much higher than anywhere else.

They stated three states as the best places to be looking for IT/Design work
these days:  Colorado, Minnesota, and...........I can't remember the last
one!!!  (I'm in Chicago, and I know it wasn't Illinois!)

And your comments and Amanda's comments about the "view" of dot-com-ers
isn't that far off base.  I picked up the following article off of one of my
"freelance" newsletters:


One of the benefits of freelancing is the freedom to wear whatever you like
to work. If your home is also your office, then you can spend your day in
your pajamas if you want to.

But even freelancers need to go out into the world at large sometimes, and
then the question of dress code arises once again. If you have a meeting
with a client, or you are working on site, what should you wear?

Over the last year or two, the need for more formal dress has been relaxed
considerably. Fuelled by the casual Internet culture, people have abandoned
suits and briefcases in favor of - well, almost anything (except, perhaps,
your pajamas).

But as the tide has turned against the Internet culture, attitudes to dress
have changed, too. Now people often associate casual dress with the casual
approach to business that burned billions of 'dot com' dollars. Suddenly,
suits are back in favor, as executives strive to look professional
and experienced.

So if you've been turning up to meetings in T-shirts and sneakers, maybe now
is the time to think again. If you want to be sure of making the right
impression, dust down your pin stripes, and get ready for serious business."

Just some late night reading for you......


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