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Wed Apr 25 22:40:23 CDT 2001

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> >Ideally, I really, really like those maps where you click your =
region, get
> >a regional map, click again -- ahh so easy!

> I think you've got it! We hadn't thought of that but 'o so simple in
> practice, but a PIA to code, but we'll give it a shot. Besides a map =
of the
> world is oh so pretty ;)

I agree!  As long as you make them light-weight maps of the world!

As far as coding, I've kept Dreamweaver on my machine for one reason and =
reason only - it makes creating image maps a snap!

If you have Dreamweaver, but don't know how to do this, feel free to =
me at sales at iibiz.com and I'll send you some directions.......


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