[thelist] Managing Fonts

Julian Melville julian at cyberelves.com
Thu Apr 26 00:26:33 CDT 2001

> From what I understand, if I don't have a font "loaded" when I
> have Photoshop
> open, I need to close Photoshop, load it the font, and then
> restart Photoshop to use it.

For fonts I don't use very much, I keep them in a folder, not installed. I
just double click the font to view it before launching Photoshop (or
anything else) and then for the lifetime of Photoshop being open the font is
'installed'. Works great. I'm using Win2K but this works on 98 and 95 at
least, in my experience.

Hmmm - I just tried this to double-check with PS 5.5, and the new font
appears in the menu but right at the bottom, out of alphabetic order. Maybe
you're seeing that?


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