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Darrell King darrell at webctr.com
Thu Apr 26 07:48:55 CDT 2001

agreed.  I'm in Rochester (near Buffalo, NY), and we are still plugging
along.   If you make money on a free ride, you have to realise the ride
can stop at any time.  Free-spending wild west vc funding was a free ride.

A basic premise of my business plan was that I make a profit.  Not
counting investments (of which there are none.)  That meant a sensible
approach to equipment, software and labor.  THere's no way I would have
succeeded in an atmosphere where there are 10 providers for every client,
or where operating costs were multiples of the national standard...:)


On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, aardvark wrote:

:it's a market correction... it's been artificially inflated thanks to dot-
:coms for too long, and now the market is fixing itself... there's no
:recession or problem with the economy... business hasn't dried up,
:and i can still afford everything i could afford before...
:don't buy into the media frenzy... it makes good news, but it is far
:from accurate...
:> From: <sales at iibiz.com>
:> They stated that there's an over-abundance of talent there (and in New
:> York), and that companies are moving away from the large cities, and
:> California entirely, because the overheads and costs of doing business
:> are so much higher than anywhere else.
:yep, inflated cost of living, and collapsed dot-com market...
:> They stated three states as the best places to be looking for
:> IT/Design work these days:  Colorado, Minnesota, and...........I can't
:> remember the last one!!!  (I'm in Chicago, and I know it wasn't
:> Illinois!)
:hell, i'm fighting to get people here in buffalo, but everyone who
:does web work seems to think they're entitled to some west coast
:or big-city lifestyle... too bad they can't afford it... instead you live
:in a tier-2 city, beat the big markets on cost of living and rates, and
:live quite comfortably...

Darrell G. King
darrell at webctr.com

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