[thelist] What do I open a .pl file with?

Daniel S. O'Shea doshea at surfree.com
Thu Apr 26 08:07:30 CDT 2001

Well, haven't seen this topic come up but I am relatively new. Having used
Notepad, Frontpage, Interdev, I keep going back to a wonderful editor called

It is $35-$40 and comes with a 45-day trial.

Code is so pleasing to the eye. Perl scripts, ASP, Javascript, html, etc.,
all read very beautifully in the window. It has the easiest navigation I've
ever seen in a program. More than one file open, it has tabs at the top for
easy moving around in your open files.

One may think I get a commission (which I don't) by the way I talk it up,
but two things about this post of mine-
1- I keep going back to that program, even though I've used the others, and;
2- If someone comes up here and raves about a different one I haven't used
and they have used U-Edit, man, I'll try that one big time.

Dan O.

> I am looking into using some cgi scripts. When I download the .pl file it
> doesn't open automatically. What's the best program to open it? I can open
> it using notepad but it is so hard to read. The text is all
> together and has
> two big black marks everywhere, are these carriage returns?
> Thanks
> Lisa.

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