[thelist] Staving Off Photo Thieves

Jesus G. Gorriti Jesus.Gorriti at iconmedialab.es
Thu Apr 26 22:17:44 CDT 2001

>clearly that's true, but is the added expense and hassle worth it?  
>can't a letter from a lawyer do the trick?  if not, i dunno if the 
>Digimarc will matter that much more unless they are truly 
>modifying the hell out of the images...
>yeah, if litigation is an acceptable option, sure, it's good to build 
>the case in advance... i tend to avoid using lawyers whenever 
>necessary, and have used the visible watermarking before... it's 
>worked every time, and i haven't even had to contact the people 
>stealing them (which is good if i don't know all the people stealing 


It means money.

But if you care about those images is because they mean money right?

I don't care if someone steals an image from my site as I don't put
the ones that give me money online. Which brings us to the article
that Isaac points us to: 

"If you don't want people copying your images off your site,
don't put them online to begin with." 

Using applets/plugins/similars is out of the question.
Do not use them.
(hey, use Flash!)

<tip type="design manuals" author="Gorriti">
Get yourself a good template before even saying something
like 'yes, sure, we will give you one of those' to the 
client. It will give you a good overview one the
workload it means.

(Pain? who said pain?)

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