[thelist] Need help please!

Dreamscape Interactive Web Design sherrie at dreamscapeinteractive.com
Fri Apr 27 23:22:15 CDT 2001

Hi all:

I have just finished a site for a chamber of  commerce and for some reason,
even though everything looks fine when I preview it in Netscape 4.7 or MS
I.E..5 (through Dreamweaver 4), when I uploaded it to my server to check it,
there is white space between the tables with the buttons and the top table.
Some pages look really bad, depending on the computer. I used DW4 to design
this, and have used it before without this problem. All the tables look nice
and tight together on my PC, but on the web they are all over the place.
Here is the URL http://www.dreamscapeinteractive.com/hollychamber.htm I use
a 19 inch Trinitron set to 800 by 600 (my eyes are bad) and the pages look
even worse on my 21 inch Trinitron. The same thing happens on the chamber's
15 inch. I did insert the "resize for Netscape" - maybe that's the problem.
Isn't there a way I can add a script to make it resize for different
resolutions and monitor sizes? This is embarrassing, as I am still pretty
new at this and cannot mess up this site. Please help.
Thanks in advance
Sherrie Grady
sherrie at dreamscapeinteractive.com

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