[thelist] .asp conversion into new design

Shashank Tripathi sub at shanx.com
Sat Apr 28 21:41:35 CDT 2001

Hi Jason

 |  can the existing .asp information be fit into the new design 1)
 |  without
 |  mucking up the .asp works and 2) with my simple, general knowledge of
 |  .asp (ie. no recoding / programming needed)

It depends on how the ASP has been coded. In general, if you open the .asp
file in Macromedia Dreamweaver or any other such tool for HTML authoring,
the ASP should remain intact. In Dreamweaver, for instance, you can see the
HTML (and the images/graphics etc) as it is, and the ASP appears as a small
icon called "ASP".

So, in DW, all you would need to do is to make your new graphics and place
these "ASP" icons (representing the actual underlying ASP code) into your
new look-n-feel.

Wonder if this helps. Your question is pretty generic. Maybe you can tell us
what tools you use? In general, however, you do not need to know ASP to
modify the look and feel of an ASP page.


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