[thelist] Ns6, Status Bar & Event Listeners

Mark Cheng mark.cheng at ranger.com.au
Mon Apr 30 02:34:12 CDT 2001

fellow evolters,

Trying to get NS6 to update a status bar message with the title for a link.
As an experiment to save coding time (ha!), wrote some js and used event
handlers to assign the mouseover and mouseout events to each link. This code
pulls the title out of the link object and then displays it on the status

works in ie55, but not ns6;


The title is sucessfully retrieved by ns6, but not displayed - I think it is
because I need to get a "return true" in there somewhere. But - where?

tried (references to functions on the page):

a) thislink.attachEventListener("mouseover",astatus;return true,false) -
didn't work with or without brackets around astatus;return
b) tried putting the return true in the astatus function, didn't work
c) tried putting the return in the setstatus - also didn't work
d) tried direct setting the window status in astatus - didn't work.

any ideas?



Mark Cheng
Financial Controller
Ranger Minerals Ltd
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