[thelist] Windows '98 Instability

the head lemur headlemur at qwest.net
Mon Apr 30 20:19:19 CDT 2001

Welcome to Windows!!

1. run defrag every week at a minimum.
Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragmenter

    a. If you manipulate a lot of really large images 200k+ in memory 5-6 m
on                 screen you willneed to do more often.

2. clean out all that crap you have on your harddrive. demos, cache crap,
programs     you no longer use.(i know it was a good idea then...this is

    a. techtip - the overwhelming desire to slam that cd in the drive and
install                 programs must be overcome. If you use the windows

        Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add Remove Programs>

        it will you to almost completely remove a program. it cleans up much
better             than most un-installers that come with programs

3. Running msconfig

   msconfig allows you to fine tune the startup sequence for windows

    it is run from the Start>Run> -type msconfig -click okay

you will be presented with a System Configuration Utility dialog box

For the purpose of this discussion there are only two tabs that concern you

click the button that says selective start up

]Start Up[

you now see a box with a number of items that all have checks

this is also the area that gives you a bit of control over the system tray

if you run quicken disable the quick books delivery agent
(this is what dials up in the background and goes to quicken and downloads
updates on your machine)

this is also where you disble all the commercials like the adaptec cd rom
splash screen, the microsoft find fast, office tool bars and any other crap
that runs in the background.

these are latter day terminate and stay resident programs that you really
don't need running in the background and whose features you can access
through the programs menu.

every icon that shows up in the system tray is a program running in the
background that reserves memory before the desktop finishes loading.

once you have completed these tasks you will be able to get work done.

the head lemur
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