[thelist] (homesite edit mode- autocomplete off?)

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Tue May 1 09:13:06 CDT 2001

> I shelled out the bucks for Homesite only to discover my nice, new machine 
> /still/ crashes -- back to HKit by http://www.chami.com/
> And, that new remote ftp feature in HKit -- slick. Anybody want to buy a 
> slightly used copy of Homesite?? (kidding, but, I /am/ disappointed).

Hey Tamara, you might want to give HS another shot. It really shouldn't crash 
your machine. Also make sure that you have applied all the latest updates/patches. 
Also, I have found Allaire (now MM) support to be very helpful and timely.


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