[thelist] CFMail errors, and SMTP servers

Aaron Johnson ajohnson at mindseye.com
Wed May 2 00:06:58 CDT 2001

Hi Matthew,

> an SMTP server. I think that cfserver is logging an error on the first
> cfmail tag which it processes but cannot send, and then the next
> cfmail tag
> will not execute and causes an error. That makes sense, right?
	-- Actually no, that doesn't make sense.  ColdFusion acts as an SMTP
client, just like your regular mail client in that in attempts to connect to
an SMTP server to send its mail.. the SMTP server then does the grunt work
and talks to another SMTP server to physically deliver the mail.  So in the
same way that a regular mail client works, ColdFusion will simply queue mail
when it can't connect to an SMTP server in <root>\cfusion\mail\spool\.
Unlike your mail client, if cf is not able to talk to an SMTP server, it
will then put the mail into the <root>\cfusion\mail\undelivr\ folder.  All
this is to say that I don't think you'll need an SMTP server if all you want
to do is verify that the mail is being formatted correctly.  You can open up
any of the undeliverables (which are something like cfm1344.tmp in the
undelivr folder.


Aaron Johnson, MCSE, MCP+I
Allaire Certified ColdFusion Developer
ajohnson at mindseye.com

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