[thelist] Org Chart?

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Wed May 2 01:48:54 CDT 2001

>i'm still trying to figure out why everyone is always looking for free
>software... if it's good enough for your business, isn't it good
>enough to pay for?  anyway, the point is, don't expect full-featured
>packages for free, there's not much fun in building org chart tools
>for free...

Hi Aardvark

There's no need to be quite so harsh is there? I know you don't 
intend to be, but that's quite an intimidating response. I mean, if 
somebody wants advice on a free org chart builder for a one off job 
... what's wrong with that? Besides, there's no sense in buying 
something blind, and there's a wealth of industry info amongst the 
subscribers here.

>  > and I guess this is a bit off topic, so I might need a tip... of
>>  course Im drawing a blank...
>we'll be waiting...

<tip type="beginning jsp" author="andrew">
Interested in experimenting with JSP or Java Servlets? Apache's 
tomcat (http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/index.html) is a really 
simple install -- just uncompress the binary (win / *nix), check a 
couple of environment path variables, and you're good to go. You 
don't even need a server installed if you're just playing around on a 
development machine, it'll take over your localhost:8080 port. Rock 
and roll.
Andrew Forsberg

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