list confrontations, was: [thelist] Org Chart?

Daniel J. Cody djc at
Wed May 2 09:02:52 CDT 2001

I think Michele brings up a good point that shows the other side of the
coin.. Sometimes, people really can't afford to pay for software, even
that 'just $30' shareware. Its not that those people are wasting their
time trying to find something for nothing. When you have nothing to
begin with or aren't making money on the project, the one thing its
possible to be liberal with is one's time..

And yes, Andrew, it was bottled water for those ice cubes :)


Michele Wandrei wrote:
> JJ wrote:
> > I find it very interesting that someone will waste
> > hours if not days trying to find just the right
> > software for free.  Meanwhile, the hours you are
> > wasting are taking away from other possibly paying
> > jobs or work related tasks, so the software really
> > doesn't end up being free.
> As someone who does a lot of unpaid work on charity sites, I feel compelled to
> jump in here.  When you're giving your services away, or when the organization
> you're working for has a very tight budget, you may have a real need to find a
> free product.  If I'm giving my services away, I don't want to foot the bill
> for a tool that may be used only for this site.  Sometimes paying a few
> hundred bucks for a piece of software isn't possible.  Free software can be a
> real lifesaver.   Paying customers are a different story.  It all depends on
> the situation.  It's best not to judge someone's intentions without knowing
> the whole story.

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