list confrontations, was: [thelist] Org Chart?

aardvark roselli at
Wed May 2 23:26:37 CDT 2001

<tip type="Photoshop">
In Photoshop 6.0 you can print your vectors and type at high 
resolution (sharp, clean lines, like we expect from vector artwork), 
or at least the full resolution of your PostScript printer.  Just make 
sure that before you print, you've gone and selected 'Include Vector 
Data' under 'File' > 'Print Options'.

Of course, if you're using Photoshop to output vector artwork, you 
need to make sure you've chosen the right tool for the job.  There's 
nothing wrong with making your image into a TIFF and importing it 
into FreeHand/Illustrator/CorelDraw and adding text and vector 
artwork on top of that, in a tool built for doing just that.

And then I found the 'send' button.

> From:  Andrew Forsberg <andrew at>
> Sorry about the late response to this -- it's an international time
> zone thing.

and in my case, it's a 'trying not to check from work' thing...

> The last thing I want to do is come across as some dirty, smelly,
> wussy hippy. It's not the lack of padding ... just it seemed like you
> were jumping to conclusions. People who cannot take honest and
> informed criticism on the other hand better find themselves another
> industry to work in before they get some client feedback.

thankfully you can't smell even hippies on the web...

as for jumping to conclusions, did i ever tell you about my idea?  
kinda like the pet rock, real simple... it's a "Jumping to 
Conclusions" mat... get it?  you *jump* to a conclusion...

> For what it's worth I'm REALLY GLAD most people gave that 'request for
> screensavers' person a BIG BAD HARD TIME, not least because they were
> unnecessarily rude about it.

heh, i think i stayed out of that one... i wanted to be mean, but i 
refrained... and to think, everyone here sees *nice*...

> Somebody has to keep everyone else honest, accurate, and too scared to
> WASTE time and bandwidth or else this will end up a high-tech
> wussy-hippy-support-group. Yuck.

feh, nobody should be scared to waste time and bandwidth... i'd 
hate for that to be the case... i'd rather people didn't want to waste 
time or bandwidth out of courtesy to their fellow list member...

so, a tip... wait, i pasted it above instead...

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