list confrontations, was: [thelist] Org Chart?

aardvark roselli at
Wed May 2 23:30:42 CDT 2001

> From:  "deke " <web at>
> In any case, why not write an org-chart CGI, and offer it on the web
> free for the benefit of *all* deserving non-profits? That would be a
> much better use of donated labor. After all, we're not talking about
> rocket science here. Any webmaster who can't write something like that
> ought to be ashamed of himself.

heh... sounds like you just volunteered...

egad, i'm tipping like a madman today...

<tip type="Photoshop">
QuarkXPress 4.x is unable to read clipping paths embedded in 
TIFF files written by Photoshop 6.0.  To get around that, save your 
Photoshop file as an EPS, and in the dialog box you should get, 
choose the path you want as the file's Clipping Path.

Of course, you could just open the 6.0 .psd in Photoshop 5.x and 
save it as a TIFF from there.  Quark can read the clipping path in 
TIFFs saved from Photoshop 5.x

Quark is supposedly working on an XTension to address this.

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