[thelist] Org Chart?

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Thu May 3 05:59:38 CDT 2001

> i assumed that because very few people make org charts for fun...
> or make org charts of the hierarchy their pets display among
> themselves, starting with that damn alpha chihuaha...
> i'm curious, though, whomever the original poster was, can you tell
> us why you need the org charting software?  was it business or
> personal?  are you gonna get paid for the project for which you are
> using the software?

Ok, I'm answering this only because it has been requested.
Frankly Im amazed at how my little request created such a fuss. :-) Will
wonders never cease...

I, with others, run http://www.theforce.net  While a lot of people assume
it's a professional site, it is not. It's strictly done on a voluntary
basis, as a hobby, and does not generate money. All the $$ from the ads go
*directly* to our hosting company, and we do not see it.
There are 50 people involved in that site. That's fifty people I need to
keep track of, and we've just reached a point where we're big enough that we
need to have some hierarchy in place,  and have everyone agree with it.

So, no, I'm not going to get paid for my use of the software. Most likely
I'll get flamed by a few of our volunteers when they realise they're not the
boss they thought they were.

TheForce.net was featured about a month ago in the Wall Street Journal, 2
weeks ago on Fox news, last week in Business 2.0, and we have more major
coverage coming up. It's big *BUT* is not a job, and there's no money in it.
BTW, if you love Star wars, if you're a good tech person, and want a fun
hobby, contact me offlist. We need more tech people. ;-)

And with that, I'm off to a Starwars convention for the whole weekend. I
won't be checking mail most probably.

aka darthcleo

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