[thelist] flash detection

Mark Groen markgroen at telus.net
Thu May 3 16:36:31 CDT 2001

No Flash -- Flash detection seems to work well with IE 5.5 without Flash
plug in -  it took me right to the home page in a hurry. I tried it with
Flash also, of course it was slower. Clean site - I like 'em like that.
BTW - I preferred the HTML version, the rollovers work faster and didn't
miss the extra animation at all.

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From: John Corry
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Subject: [thelist] flash detection

well, we've been through this about a million times, but I'm finally only
doing it for the first time.
I have this site that has a flash version, and an alternate HTML version.
So, I'm using the reccomended non-script flash detection method. ie: put a
movie on the first page, if the movie plays (flash = yes), frame 2 sends you
to the flash site. If it doesn't play, meta refresh redirects to the HTML
directory. Simple enough...

the URL: http://www.v-assets.com

If you have a mac, or IE 3, or no flash, or AOL...would youu mind pounding
on this a little and see if it works?


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