[thelist] SSI & DocumentRoot issue with subdomain

Damien du Toit damien at generator.co.za
Fri May 4 06:57:00 CDT 2001

take a minute to think about this situation:

 >> domain example: www.test-test-test.com
The server is running Apache and the site is making use of SSI. All 
links/images/files are referenced from the document root of the server - 
this way I don't need to duplicate anything higher up in the file heirachy, 
and I can run the site straight off any server because there are no 
absolute references. No ../../../.. crap anywhere. No problems so far.

 >> subdomain example: sub.test-test-test.com
The DocumentRoot of this subdomain is a folder /sub/ lying in the root of 
the aforementioned server. The only way I can access the 
www.test-test-test.com files lying below this /sub/ folder is to set a 
<base href="http://www.blah.com"> - but this doesn't work with the SSI, and 
using absolute references when calling the SSI (eg. <!--#include 
file="http://www.test-test-test.com/includes/header.html"-->) doesn't work 

As a desperate attempt, adding in a "../" before all the file references in 
my html doesn't work either - obviously because the document is already 
sitting in the root of this subdomain and can't reach a lower level.

My question is, are there any other ways I could try get this to work? 
Without replicating files in the /sub/ folder, of course.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Damien du Toit
New Media Programmer

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