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John Dowdell wrote on 4/5/01 10:19 pm

>>>> [How can I detect Flash?]
>>> Why do "Flash detection"? Most consumers have it. It's usually
>>> more important to do version detection... more people have an
>>> older player than don't have any player at all.
>> *coughdisableduserscough*
>> Sorry, John, but that's one hell of an assumption. Not quite up
>> there with the MS "Everyone asking for a PC without windows is
>> a pirate", but getting there.
>No, actually, it's not an assumption... it's measurable, and
>frequently-discussed. More people have an older version of the Macromedia
>Flash Player than have no Player at all. Once again:
>Doing version detection handles both cases: those few who don't have any
>Macromedia Flash Player, and the larger number who have an older version.
>(How to do version detection? You could use the Deployment Kit, or
>hand-roll a routine if you prefer... it's probably easier at this point to
>just show the content with a link to resources, and optimized-for-text
>representation if appropriate. Your call, though.)
>I'm surprised by some of the subsequent responses... think through what I
>actually said: doing detection for *a* Flash Player handles fewer cases
>than checking for the capabilities you're using.
>If there's some way that my actual logic is faulty then I'd appreciate
>hearing how, thanks. Otherwise I'll assume it's just the full moon and late
>hours talking here.... ;-)

As I said to Adrian, the assumption that most people have Flash is
probably true. The corollary that you'll have more cases caught
by version choice is also correct.

However, that doesn't mean
1) You don't need to do it at all (implied by "Why do Flash 
    detection?" unless that was meant as a rhetorical question)
2) Detection of the existence of Flash is less important - it's
   more important because it has a greater impact if you
   (wrongly) assume that everyone has it.


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