[thelist] keeping frames a specific size...

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Sat May 5 10:03:17 CDT 2001

>how do i keep a frame from getting any smaller than
>the declared size? in this example, the top frame
>should be 268px tall, but when i resize my browser
>smaller, the top frame is overtaken by the middle
>frame and bottom frames... doh!

You use Netscape 4, I suppose. In Netscape 4 you *cannot* be certain that a 
frame has exactly the size you specify because it first makes your exact 
pixel size a percentage and then again pixels.

You might want to experiment with the resizeTo() method, it does something 
with frames when in the page inside the frameset you do

if (frame is wrong size)

But I don't guarantee succes, it's much better to make a design that does 
*not* hinge on a frame being a specific size.


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