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deke web at master.gen.in.us
Mon May 7 00:14:26 CDT 2001

On 7 May 2001, at 0:57, Tobyn Baugher posted a message which said:

> I'd really like to get to coding my site (since coding's what I do
> best), but I can't until I get a layout I'm happy with. It's starting to
> get on my nerves as well as everyone else in my family who're sick of
> listening to me whine and sick of watching me get a monitor tan trying
> to make everything perfect :(.

Why not go ahead and work on content while the design 
gestates in the back of your mind?  If you use SSI - or 
something better like PHP - you can leave site design for 
the last minute, and change all the files at once.

Just make every file look like this:

<!--#include virtual="/tmpl/file1.shtml" -->
stick metas here
<!--#include virtual="/tmpl/file2.shtml" -->
title here
<!--#include virtual="/tmpl/file3.shtml" -->
<!--#include virtual="/tmpl/file4.shtml" -->
<!--#include virtual="/tmpl/file5.shtml" -->

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