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Sounds like someone is "creating" at the keyboard............push the chair
back.......get a pad of paper and pen, and go sit somewhere else.  The
change of scenery will do you good if nothing else!  And maybe you can get a
real tan! (Tomorrow obviously!)

Get your thoughts down on paper.  Sometimes this is just the thing to get
your mind really flowing where it needs to.  Then you can take your
collected thoughts to the computer and begin "creating".

And, obviously you read this list........where you can/do learn something
new everyday, and it can become a little overwhelming trying to incorporate
ALL the wonderful things into ONE site.

Just like anything else, set your priorities, and stick to them.  You can
always update and enhance your site, but you've got to be working from
something good to start with!  :)


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> Okay, I'm not BAD at webdesign. In fact, I think I'm actually really
> good at it considering I can't draw a straight line.
> My problem is, I've been through 8 revisions of my site (literally. I
> have all 8 layouts) in the past two months, and I keep scrapping them
> after about a week even though I get nothing but good comments about
> them. I just keep thinking I can do better...
> Am I missing something? Is this a sign that I'm just not good enough to
> make myself happy or do I need to tell myself to shut up and accept what
> I crank out? Has anyone else suffered from similar symptoms and beaten
> them?
> I'd really like to get to coding my site (since coding's what I do
> best), but I can't until I get a layout I'm happy with. It's starting to
> get on my nerves as well as everyone else in my family who're sick of
> listening to me whine and sick of watching me get a monitor tan trying
> to make everything perfect :(.
> Help!
> Toby
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