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Tobyn Baugher trb at cartoonviolence.net
Mon May 7 01:50:51 CDT 2001

On Mon, 7 May 2001, Andrew Forsberg wrote:

> Oh, and the link in your signature doesn't work, or am I missing something?
> >http://www.cartoonviolence.net/(~trb/)

Well, it works. Just not as is :P.

http://www.cartoonviolence.net/(~trb/) doesn't work
but http://www.cartoonviolence.net/
and http://www.cartoonviolnece.net/~trb/ do.

Of course there isn't much to look at there, which is my whole problem
in the first place >:(.

The fact that this wasn't apparent, however, shows perhaps I misjudged
the readability of it. I fixed it :P.

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