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Mon May 7 02:44:12 CDT 2001

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Erik Mattheis wrote on 6/5/01 11:57 pm

>>  >Flash has been shipping with the major browsers for like ... years.
>>>It's up to developers to force their audience to use reasonably
>>>current technology.
>>Erik - you've just debarred yourself from any work for a commercial
>>client. The job of a developer is to help the client achieve their
>>business objectives.

>Thanks for the advice, but I'd say I'd be out of line if I decided I 
>was going to help a client better "achieve their business objectives" 
>by telling them to scrap the Flash idea after they've been referred 
>to me as someone who does Flash work. Last time I checked there were 
>plenty other individuals and design firms that squeek by doing little 
>other than Flash.

No. I didn't know you were 100% Flash, so perhaps the advice
would be better directed at someone higher up the value chain.
BUT if I had a Flash contractor who was able to tell me (as a consultant)
"Actually, Flash may not be the best tool for this objective"
then my opinion of that contractor would go up a couple of
notches, because they're looking after the best interests of
the client, rather than their own rapacious once.

I *have* worked with contractors whose opinion was "The
answer's Flash. Now what was the question?" They haven't
got any repeat work.

Given that longevity in business is all around building longterm
sustainable relationships with well-paying clients (the kind
I work with), which do you think is likely to be the better
strategy for a Flash contractor?


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