[thelist] Mac could not put away CD after using IE4.5 to view web interface - mysteriously cured!

Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Mon May 7 06:00:43 CDT 2001

I think that's true of most computer users, except maybe the Linux 
crowd. No need to single out Mac users.

OTOH, I haven't had a system crash since I bought Mac OS X. Some 
badly written applications have quit on me unexpectedly, but the 
system is rock solid for me. Can't say that for any version of 
Windows I've used - I think the most stable Windows OS I've used has 
been NT4. 2000 + ME have been less reliable when I use them.

Of course, the people in my old office used to claim that my 
Mac-user's aura offended the PCs and caused them to mysteriously 
crash in protest!

>IE Mac before 5.0 was absolutely horrible and people are used to it 
>crashing, etc ... for that matter Mac users in general are used to 
>restarting a lot ...
<tip type="getting rid of tables">
There's been a lot of talk about workarounds because of bugs in IE5's 
CSS box model. Some of them get quite complex and probably 
unnecessary. Want to add padding to a DIV? Use a wrapper with no 
padding and then a container div inside that (that actually contains 
the content) that has the padding.

Although this adds more <div> tags to your document, your CSS is much 
more readable and less filled with strange voice-model: tags and 
other oddities designed specifically to confuse browsers.

Good luck!

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