MacOS Purge (was Re: [thelist] Mac could not put away CD)

George Dillon evolt at
Mon May 7 06:16:08 CDT 2001

Thanks Miraz, Erik & Chris :)

MacIE4.5 not releasing memory sounds very plausible, and MacOS Purge is now
on my desktop and on its way to my brother.

(Um... shame MacOS Purge is freeware, since after the recent Org Chart
thread I really think I ought to spend a few hours searching the web for a
bloatware application which does the same thing but which I could have the
satisfaction of PAYING for... ;)

Follow-up questions:

1. Is this can't-eject-CD-cos-a-file's-in-use-(not) bug/feature specific to
IE4.5?  Does IE5 have the same bug / could it happen with Netscape reading
web pages & files from a CD?  Does this bug strike with non-hybrid CDs too?

2. Would it be too alarmist to put on my CD a pop-up warning to MacIE4.5
users that they might want to install IE5 (already on the CD) and/or MacOS
Purge (will be on the next version)?

3. I'd rather the CD autostarted into NN if possible, but the docs for
CDEverywhere suggest the most reliable method is to set type as 'HTML' and
creator as 'MSIE'.  Then (supposedly) my start.html will open in IE if the
user has it and NN if they haven't.  But what would happen if I set it as
'HTML' / 'MOSS' and the user only had IE (and not NN)?


George Dillon

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