[thelist] SSI on NT, Printer-Friendly Pages

Amy Gilliland agilliland at geosolutions.com
Mon May 7 07:51:18 CDT 2001

but it's not right... either your using ASP, or you're using something
else... i'm assuming you're using ASP since you said there are
other pages in the same place with .asp extensions...

Now I am more confused then I was before I asked.

I was trying to use conditional server side includes in an html page.
I wasn't using asp or VBScript. The pages had the .htm extention not .asp

I guess this is not possible with IIS 4.0.?

so, yes, you are using ASP... don't write your code in non-
VBScript unless you specifically define the language at the top of
your script...

I think I follow what you are saying if you thought that I was using pages
with the .asp extention.

I ended up using asp in the end to rewrite the html page but the includes
aren't parsed because it's all done on the client side(I think) so you end
up with a page with a clean page to print.

I got the script from http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/080600-1.shtml

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