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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
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Raymond Camden wrote on 7/5/01 1:49 pm

>> To be honest, Spectra (while a great product) wasn't really
>> flying as a competitive CMS. Most of the CMS people I talk
>> to haven't even *heard* of it, let alone would consider it
>> up alongside Teamsite, Vignette, Documentum etc.
>Well, I would disagree... of course, the product was relatively new to the
>world, so you are probably right in some ways.

hm. *every* CMS is new in the world, Ray. When Spectra launched,
Vignette was *just* basic Storyserver. Interwoven has come several
miles. Documentum has moved into the web space very hard. All
Spectra has done is a couple of tidy-ups.

I don't know what the target market was supposed to be, but I don't
see Spectra in the enterprise market *at all*, and the pure-plays
it was perhaps better aimed at aren't in a position to buy anything
much these days.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a fine product which deserves to do
better. I'm *still* waiting for Vignette to offer the kind of workflow
flexibility Spectra offered. But it needs much more refined marketing
(which includes ensuring that it's something which the market *wants*).

If whatever Spectra is to become ends up decoupled from CF so it can be
used with a range of app servers (and so competes with Interwoven),
that would work. If it's the glue between (say) ATG, Siebel and ePiphany,
then that works too. If the price dropped *way* down so SMEs could
afford it, then great.

At the moment, it's not pitched at a market which will buy it, sorry.


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