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> Why are some of you afraid to look outside of your
> fascinating web safe color command-line world? It's not too scarry,
> I'm sure.

You mean 'scary'.

Web-safe?  Because web-safe doesn't needlessly turn away
paying customers.

> You're right, stylesheets were a bad example ... but my point is that
> nomatter what the reason ... some sites do not support a few visitors
> unless they want to jump through some sort of hoop.

And all of those sites needlessly turn away paying customers.

> and there's no
> way anyone can say it's OK to not support visitors without component
> X but it's not OK to support visitors without component. So why don't
> people here bitch and moan about JavaScript 1.1 or PDFs?

PDFs?  Don't like PDFs. PDFs require people to make a 4Mb download
in order to access them.  That would involve needlessly turning away
paying customers.

There's something about your post which also brings needless 4Mb
downloads, discrimination against people with older hardware, slower
connections, and / or illegal denial of service to people with physical
disabilities, but I can't think of it just yet.  I'm sure it will come to

> If your goal is to reach as many people as possible, doing it with a
> website is a stupid idea in the first place ... er wait, sorry, I
> forget - most public libraries offer Internet access.

Brainless trolling. Take it to Usenet.

> Thanks for the advice, but I'd say I'd be out of line if I decided I
> was going to help a client better "achieve their business objectives"
> by telling them to scrap the Flash idea after they've been referred
> to me as someone who does Flash work. Last time I checked there were
> plenty other individuals and design firms that squeek by doing little
> other than Flash.

Ah - so it's just because learning how to design on something
other than Flash is beyond your capabilities? That's sorted that out.

[Being needlessly wound up is great fun, isn't it?  Perhaps you should
do it more.]

> You've got it backwards ... the reason for requiring Flash is to
> deliver the user a higher quality experience.

Whilst simultaneously needlessly turning away paying customers,
and (if not providing an alternative) breaking the law in several

> Add to your list of Morons and Luddites: "People's who's Network
> Admin enforces a policy against changing the standard configuration"

Bullshit.  Standard configurations are there because allowing users
to install software reduces the mean time between failures of every
PC and Mac in the office.  Support costs money.

I know: "Fuck the users".  They can't see your site and it's all their
fault. And you don't need their money, right?

And it's "whose".

> I do love you goons. I am confident that if we spend a little bit of
> time each week on this therapy through confrontation, you'll on the
> road to health in no time.

Bring it on, plugin boy.


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