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Bryan deSilva improvisations at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 11:13:24 CDT 2001

Thanks for the info and offer. I figured if I do it it should be NT since I
have 'some' knowledge of it and none of anything else <g>. I also already
own MS Small Business Server, which includes everything I should need. So I
guess it makes sense. I'm going to continue to think about it.

A month ago, I signed up with ReadyHosting.com to be my host. $100/yr for
unlimited just about everything - except they have no support. No one
returns calls or emails and things just don't seem to work. What good is
that? This is what's making me think about doing this. The problem is, it'll
cost me more than that ($15/month) to pay for the fixed IP addresses through
US West.


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On Sat, 5 May 2001, Bryan deSilva wrote:

> However, I'm concerned about the amount of work to host it myself. Can
> or anyone, point me to some links or tell me what to expect? I own MS SBS
> 4.5 which has NT, IIS & Exchange. However, I'm concerned about having to
> spend too much time maintaining it. What do you think?

It's easy to do. It's a lot to do it right.

The actual maintenance is very low. I probably spend less than
15mins/day. The knowledge requirement is the daunting part.  However
long it took you to become a decent designer, figure about the same to
get sysadmin'ing right. The bad thing is that it's an up-front cost. I
think the initial hump you have to get over is what turns a lot of
people off to the idea.

It's fun, and it gets easier the more you do it, but you gotta jump in
head first and be willing to spend a good deal of time working on it.

As far as links, I don't really know. I just refer to my shelf full of
books when I need to learn :). What a big shelf it is...

Good luck if you decide to do it. I'll try to answer any questions you
have if you get really stumped :). I must admit that NT isn't my
favorite platform, though, so I don't know how much help I'll be.


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