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Ron White ronwhite at members.evolt.org
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That wasn't me. I forget who actually made that offer, so I have forwarded
this to thelist so whomever made the offer can add you to his distribution.

Ron White

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Hi Ron,
   My name is Asif and I am currently working on a
project for the University of Oregon. Since the web
servers and websites at the University are constantly
under the threat of getting hacked, I am very
interested in learning more about security issues.
Could you send me a copy of your presentation on
website database security?


--- Ron White <ronwhite at members.evolt.org> wrote:
> I'm thinking the second "it didn't" was prolly a
> typo...
> <snip 1>
> I would love a copy. One question though, if it
> didn't cover closing ports
> and the like and it didn't cover web application
> mistakes, what did it
> cover?
> </snip 1>
> <snip 2>
> Chris (and everyone) - I gave a presentation this
> February on web site
> security. It wasn't "deep", ie, it didn't cover
> network stuff like closing
> ports and stuff, but it didn't cover web application
> mistakes, like not
> checking url parameters, not encrypting cookies w/
> special information, etc.
> While not exactly about databases, it did have a few
> slides concerning how
> URL hacks could attack your db. If you (or anyone
> else) wants a copy, let me
> know.
> </snip 2>
> Ron
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