James Aylard webmaster at equilon-mrc.com
Mon May 7 13:03:35 CDT 2001


> <SCRIPT LANGAUGE="JavaScript1.0">
> document.write('JavaScript 1.0')
> etc. until 1.5 . When tested so, IE4 says it supports 1.3 .

    Of course one possibility is that the scripting engine has been upgraded
to either the JScript 5 or 5.5 version within IE 4. (You can even do this
with IE 3.x.) This would give the added benefits of the newer script
version, but *not* the added benefits of the newer browser DOM. In other
words, you could use JavaScript or JScript to implement a try...catch
statement or the array push method in IE 4 using the JScript 5 or 5.5 script
engines, respectively. (You can determine which version of the scripting
engine is installed by locating the jscript.dll file on your computer and
viewing its properties.) You would also find that IE 4 reports support for
JavaScript 1.3.
    What can make this confusing is that, traditionally, Netscape did not
segregate its DOM from its script implementation, throwing them both into
the JavaScript bin. So, some things that are commonly thought of as
scripting methods - such as document.write() - are actually DOM methods. Of
course, this isn't news to you. :)

James Aylard

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