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Aaron Johnson wrote on 7/5/01 6:48 pm

>> I don't know what the target market was supposed to be, but I don't
>> see Spectra in the enterprise market *at all*, and the pure-plays
>> it was perhaps better aimed at aren't in a position to buy anything
>> much these days.
>	-- I don't know what you consider *enterprise* but right now we're working
>on FAO.com, done in Spectra and Java.  
43 stores across the US isn't necessarily enterprise - their site doesn't 
give much company info, so I can't tell.

>Right in your backyard, Spectra
>played a big part in the portal for freeserve.com.

Freeserve doesn't provide much original content. Most of what is
there seems to be jsp.

Also, I would have expected a successful strategic choice to ripple
through the group (http://www.dixons-group-plc.co.uk/). All
the other bits have gone Broadvision.

Freeserve are now largely french-owned now, but was part of
DSG up until December or so.

The thing is, in the enterprise, it's about so much more than a
web site.

In any case - other than the cost, why would I buy Spectra
over Vignette, or a Broadvision/ATG platform?


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