[thelist] flash detection

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Mon May 7 13:32:25 CDT 2001

>>And do you think such places haven't done studies that have shown a 
>>measurable benefit from using Flash instead of straight HTML? Do 
>>you think they'd still be using Flash otherwise? Why are some of 
>>you afraid to look outside of your fascinating web safe color 
>>command-line world? It's not too scarry, I'm sure.
>At 9:18 AM -0500 5/7/01, Ben Dyer wrote:
>No, I don't think that these guys have done studies on Flash vs. HTML.

Look ... it's easy: "Hey, Pete, this is Becky. How many repeat 
visitors have we had to the Flash site? Wow, cool. How many for the 

At 3:37 PM +0100 5/7/01, Martin wrote:
>But you absolutely cannot say "Everyone
>has Flash so we should force the user to use a Flash interface
>for any bit of functionality we like".

Actually, you can, people I work for do, and I agree 100%. And life goes on.

Don't you think it's weird that so many of the forwarded emails you 
get from your niece are to Flash movies?

OK, (very generously) 10% of web users might not have the Player. So 
all you have to do is find more than 10% more visits because of Flash.

I can't prove it, but seems obvious to me that the average Internet 
user really digs Flash ... I have no other explanation for how a 
Flash site can get over 50K visitors in the first month with a 
marketing/promotion budget of $0.

At 4:11 PM +0100 5/7/01, John Handelaar wrote:
>Web-safe?  Because web-safe doesn't needlessly turn away
>paying customers.

This takes the cake. Perhaps some of you ARE hopelessly lost! I will 
ask my new age friends to send good energy your way.

- Erik Mattheis

"Everything's better"
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