[thelist] Microsoft .NET for a production team

Navin Dhanuka navindhanuka at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 14:41:32 CDT 2001

--- Andre Gaulin <gaulin at mac.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone..
> i am in need of some resources and information in
> regards to the new
> Microsoft .NET paradigm and how it is going to
> influence my team of
> production people (HTML guys, not developers).

When you are saying that you are HTML guys and not developers, I assume that
your work is related with web-desiging only.

Well!! static pages will soon be a pasee.
It is important what you say, but the thing more important is how you
present yourself.
In short the new hot things for web are FLASH, XML & DOTNET.

DOTNET is not for plain vanilla web-page developers.
# For making dynamic web-pages ASP, PHP, JSP are mostly used. Today PHP is
the most favoured.
# For embedding XML in HTML try the best tool FRONTPAGE2002.
# For what flash can do to enhance the impact of your message, check
Neostream.com or download, my one of my old flash work at

For Information on DOTNET you may try these links:
1. http://msdn.microsoft.com/theshow
The DOT SHOW with 12 videos, where the developers from MS themselves explain
you about dotnet & the impact it can have on the humankind.

2. WROX.com provides lots of books for tools on DOTNET platform.

3. IbuySpy.com is good for ASP-DOTNET

Wish you all the best.!!
Navin Dhanuka, (C.T.O.)
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